designer wares at the new jcp


shop the new jcp

1. design by conran berger side chair $285 2. happy chic by jonathan adler elizabeth greek key dinner plate $14, throw pillows from $24.99 3. martha celebrations from $4.99 4. michael graves design from $9.99

Ron Johnson may be out but designers Jonathan Adler, Terence Conran, Michael Graves & Martha Stewart are still in at the new JCP. The ex chairman executive, Ron Johnson, is the reason I’m now a customer of JCP. Until his ambitious endeavor to revamp the cheap and boring JCPenny, I would have never looked to that store for home decor.

My must haves include closet organizers from Michael Graves, graphic throw pillows and greek inspired dinner wear from Jonathan Adler, furniture from Conran and party supplies from Martha Stewart. Trust me, you will be surprised at the goods. Definitely a site worth saving to your favorites.

how to shop house beautiful: brass lobster

How to shop House Beautiful: Brass Lobster

Brass Lobster from Flessa Design 1st Dibs, Brass Lobster from Etsy

Always hunting for brass creatures, I couldn’t resist a shiny lobster I saw in the June issue of House Beautiful. The internet makes it incredibly easy to source items once left to the trade or world traveler. In less than 5 minutes I sourced and purchased the lobster for $155 dollars less than the lobster shown in the article. I’ve found a few more should you want one for your collection.

1. “Vintage Large Embattled Solid Brass Lobster Crayfish Crustacean Sculpture AS-IS” eBay $9.99



*Don’t overlook tarnished pieces. Brass is easy to polish with Cape Cod polishing wipes.

domino is back!

Have you picked up your copy?

rich and regal navy blue


Lately, I’m feeling blue, navy blue to be exact. It’s a new color for me to use at home. I usually tend to default to black, skipping most colors and staying true to neutrals. Maybe it’s because Spring is in the air or perhaps I’m craving color after being immersed in camel and black for so long. My first purchase? An upholstered bench from Restoration Hardware. It was surprisingly affordable and just the right size for the stair landing. It will sit just outside the master bedroom so I think I will incorporate the royal hue into our room. My only concern is that the bedding not look like it belongs in a boys room. Suggestions are welcome!

The Louis Bench

Restoration Hardware

The Bedding

Serena & Lily

the decorators tree

Now that our re-model is nearly complete I’m able to start of the fun part, decorating! Our living room is lacking in color and coziness. What better way to achieve both than to incorporate the infamous fiddle leaf fig tree? It’s been featured in Elle countless times and is having a run on my favorite decorating blogs. So while it may not be original, it’s tried and tested!

For my pair of trees I’ve bought two woven planters from Restoration Hardware. They just arrived today and are even more beautiful in person! I still have to pick up the trees so till then, my inspiration photos and planters.


French Woven Planters

my obsession…join me

featured on “for the home”

Junk & King is on pinterest! It reminds me of my past obsessions like coloring, paper dolls and re-arranging my cork board based on my mood (which in high school probably changed weekly if not daily). Pinterest is definitely more suitable to my “grown-up” self!

shaken not stirred at society social

a page from the manifesto magalog

Society Social is just that sort of store, certainly not average and absolutely fabulous. It’s a decorator wannabe’s (like me!) dream store. And it’s affordable. Where else can you order a custom table for under $300? Which leads me to this…a collection of tables my house cannot live without.

The Draper Accent Table

shown in python stone

shown in silver croc

i knew this was going to be a good year….

Save the date: April 17, 2012

a love affair with paper…

The Bay Holiday Windows

If there is one thing I’ve loved as long as I can remember, it’s paper. It never fails me, it can be very cheap or very expensive and I like both. You can use it to blot a tear or your lips, you can write a love note to your beloved or more mundane tasks like a grocery list. A sheet of paper can hold mysteries, history or your future. With this being said, it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you I majored in fibers in college. There were countless long nights spent meticulously cutting, weaving, gluing and sewing paper and fabric. This experience has left me with a great appreciation for artists who work with this medium. Over the weekend I discovered Flurry and Salk’s custom paper art installations. Looking through their photos I am inspired and tempted to pull out my cutting board and exacto knife. The Paper-Cut-Project is currently on exhibit at Christie’s Auction House.

Christie’s: Elizabeth Taylor

Jeffrey NYC

Owl Mask

*All images from the Paper Cut Project

keep clean, go green

photo credit here

Step by step I am making my home a cleaner place without chemicals. That’s not to say you won’t find soft scrub hiding in a cabinet but I try not to use harsh chemicals on a daily basis and I’m eliminating them one by one. I’ve always liked the cleaning power of lemon. When when cooking with a lemon, I save it to wipe the grime of pans before putting them in the dishwasher, it’s a grease buster and sponge in one. With that in mind, I discovered a handy way to clean with lemons at Full Circle. Their products are minimal, elegant and green.

starter set: just add lemon


earth friendly veggie brush: non organic vegetables need not apply


just fill with soap and scrub