speaking of logos…

a “blended scotch” 

When I think of a logo the first thing that comes to mind is the font. For junk & king, I’m considering a serrifed based font called Chronicle Text which I instantly fell in love with at Typography.com. I think you’ll recognize it as the font used in at least one fashion publication. The ampersand caught my attention and in general I like the elegant sophistication of this font. Now that I have the font I can start brainstorming with my graphic designer (aka bf) on color, type and format. I can almost envision the imprint this will leave on a heavy card stock from a vintage press and I know just the one for the job (more on that later).


welcome to junk & king…my side project

photo credit: forum 

Welcome to junk & king, an idea I’ve had swirling in the back of my mind since registering the domain May 1, 2009. I’ve always loved fashion but realized years ago I was obsessed with interiors. I loved Vogue but couldn’t get enough of Elle Decor. And my favorite part of fashion magazines has always been articles featuring homes. So here goes, I don’t even have a logo yet just a name. What’s that saying? You know the one…it’s the thought that counts. Does that hold true in this instance? I hope so and I hope to inspire you during my journey in design.