an enchanted holiday…

I love this photo because it wasn’t till Christmas Eve that I noticed the strip of blue tape I forgot to remove. I’m still working on the furniture arrangement for the small library so for now it has a couple club chairs I’ve no idea what to do with. I hear craigslist calling!

Next year I will add greenery to the mantle, this year I simply ran out of time but did add two urns filled with paper whites from Restoration Hardware.

Christmas cards filled a tray from Crate & Barrel

A silver lazy susan from the 1800’s (ebay find)  filled with gold pinecones and glittered glass acorns from Pottery Barn

Ribbon salvaged from last year’s presents adorned my vintage crystal glasses (next to finds from Ross).

Whole Foods was overflowing with tulips so I picked up a red bunch for a quick dose of color. I didn’t have place card holders for 11 so I bought a dozen candle holders from Michael’s and added an enchanted rose to each.

The last swan

A favorite 

Christmas always comes and passes in a flash but this year it was a whirlwind. My boyfriend and I had 24 hours to finishing unpacking our house, rip down plastic, place furniture and decorate for Christmas in time for the arrival of family. Our cabinet maker finished at 1:30am Tuesday and I stayed up till morning cleaning and decorating. I was motivated by the idea that after months and years really that finally the house would come together as a home. We still have a long t0-do list but are gaining peace of mind one check mark at a time.

Shopping List: {Crate & Barrel Pottery Barn Orchid Fever West Elm}

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