junking on etsy & ebay: equestrian

You don’t have to physically leave your house to go “junking”, with sites like etsy and eBay you can junk from your cozy bed or breakfast table. I like to have a theme when shopping for treasures, otherwise I easily get sidetracked and end up with a lot of random things I have to re-sell! Of course, I always have my wish-list in mind and if I fall in love, I buy. My top equestrian finds for the week:


My inspiration:

get inspired: “equestrian style”

I’m looking for unique antique pieces in glass, lucite, turquoise (color or material) or brass. I don’t really want anything made from wood. I’m already straying from my theme and realizing I’m really looking for neat horse motif’s, anything from polo to deco. Here goes!

shop my etsy find: art deco bookends from doveandclover

search term: horse bookends

shop my etsy find: decanter/vase from behindtheorangedoor

search term: vintage equestrian

shop my etsy find: (totally remind me of hermes) from susabellabrownstein

search term: art deco horse

shop my etsy find: riding pin from uppsydaisy

search term: brass equestrian

shop my eBay find: vintage horse lamps from vonda6643

search term: antique horse lamp

This piece is so unique I had to include it, wish the photos were in focus. This is a good example of  finding pieces in your theme of unusual materials or materials not typically associated with the subject matter, i.e. glass and crystals

shop my eBay find: Three Horse Heads from mommyehrler

search term: antique horse print

My best friend owns a larger version of this print from 1910, I’ve always admired it and now I’ve found it! This is what I love about sites like eBay.

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  1. Thanks Amanda, what a great blog! I especially appreciate that you include the search terms, very helpful. (and my best friend in childhood had that print from 1910 with the trio of horses too; it was nice to see it again…)
    Best regards,

    • Dear Susabella,

      You’re welcome! How neat that your friend also had the same print. I’m hoping to win it on eBay.

      Have a wonderful 2012!


  2. So, did you win it? Hope so…

    • No! Someone beat me at the last hour. So disappointed but I will continue searching for another. Thank you for asking.

      • Oh dang, I hate it when that happens…I started using eSnipe after losing a few that way…now I just enter the lowest bid possible in eBay, then put my highest bid into eSnipe…keeps me from bidding against myself, and encouraging unwanted competition…usually works out pretty well.

        Better luck next time!

      • Thank you! I will definitely check out eSnipe. I hope to find the print again!

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