combat the “blue monday” blues…

a little blue but so wonderful to listen to…

How to combat “Blue Monday”, January 23, 2011 a day declared by Dr. Cliff Arnall in 2005 to be the most depressing day of the year. He considered debt, low motivation, cold and gloomy weather, the amount of time since Christmas had passed and failing to keep New Year’s resolutions to be the causes of this sad day which falls on the Monday of the last full week in January.   A blue monday it may be but I happen to love the color blue. Don’t you?

curl up and watch your favorite movies

I suggest an esther williams marathon

or read the february issue of vogue cover to cover


be grateful

spend the day collection seashells

embrace the color in your home

plan a trip

take a long walk

give your old furniture a new hue

sail away

visit a friend

kiss the one you love

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