shop girl visits mignon kitchen co.

“Mignon is pronounced “min-yawn” and means “cute” in french.” Rachel Ball

I used to be a “shop girl” and actually I sort of still am, but now I own my shop and it’s online. After years in retail I appreciate the work and time it takes to put into a retail space and even online shops. I have made an effort this year to source small shops that offer the sort of things you would expect to find on a trip to a small town or another country. So today begins my “shop girl” feature, look forward to learning about new shops you’ll turn to for gifts, home accessories, furnishings and pantry items.

I discovered Mignon after a day or reading blogs and was delighted by the owner Rachel Ball’s beautiful and simplistic approach to sharing food.  I especially love her “tips & tricks for happier baking”…take a look below.

Rachel Ball is a modern day dream girl who not only owns Mignon but is short story writer, a blogger and a jewelry designer. I see a lifestyle brand in the works! Click the photos to learn about her and shop Mignon.


Image credit: Rachel Ball

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